Business World Travel Ltd

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About Us

Why Choose Us?

Not all Travel Management Companies (TMC’s) are the same; we are one of only a handful that specialises in the Energy sector.

Experience & Expertise

Independently owned and operated, each of our Directors hold over 25 years’ experience within the travel sector. With a varying expertise, we are able to draw upon our knowledge and react swiftly in the interests of our clients.

Central to the business is our team of highly knowledgeable and trained travel consultants. Between them, they have an outstanding knowledge base and years of experience serving the offshore, marine and corporate travel industries. Our team of specialists will ensure you receive the right itinerary at the best price whilst delivering outstanding service.

Out of Hours Support

Many TMC’s offer an Out of Hours service, but not all can claim that the calls are handled by their own staff in the UK. Business World Travel can!

Our Team of highly trained Travel Consultants provide the same great service outside of ‘normal’ working hours. We are there for our clients 24/7 365 days a year. As you would expect from your TMC, this is a free of charge service.

We know one size doesn’t fit all

Unlike many of the larger Travel Management Companies, Business World Travel are well placed to adapt quickly. We manage our own systems in-house meaning that we can adjust to the varying demands and changes our clients need.